Here at AZEX we have established “The Standard” by which other spray-on coatings are judged.

PARKOTE – Parkote(sm) Moly over park finish. For what some places charge to do Parkerizing or moly coating, at AZEX you get both, INCLUDING insured return UPS shipping, for one low price. When we receive your firearm, we strip it down, clean up any burrs or flaws on the metal.

If necessary, we submerge all of the metal parts in our huge Ultrasonic cleaner, to degrease all of the assemblies. Then we blast with 80 grit Aluminum Oxide media, all of the metal parts to remove old finish and paint. Wash in alcohol and dry thoroughly. Then we Parkerize in dark gray/black manganese phosphate.

If the customer requires only a Parked finish, at this point we oil and reassemble. We then paint in the letters and numbers with enamel and ship. If additional beauty, durability and corrosion resistance is a must, then the molybdenum disulfide coatings are sprayed on. Then the parts are baked, re-assembled and the numbers colored in. We also do ZINC parkerizing for that medium-grey WW2 look, which is “correct” to some firearms. PARKOTE(sm), Moly over Park is guaranteed not to flake or peel.

 Current pricing as of 2017

( INCLUDES UPS Ground, Insured return shipping)

Pistols (with 2 magazines) $175.00 Park$215.00 Parkote

Rifles (with 1 magazine)$205.00 Park$260.00 Parkote

Subguns (with 2 mags)**$185.00 park$240.00 Parkote

**copy of applicable ATF Form required to accept NFA weapons, Form 1/2/3/4, a Form 5 is not required by Law

We are experienced and familiar with all NFA types, so you can send your hyper-expensive NFA device with confidence. We’ve built or refinished everything from Vz61 Skorpions to DshK12.7mm HMGs, and everything in between.

DURACOAT – We use Duracoat at customer request, and for specific applications where a heat-cured finish will ruin or damage the item coated. Duracoat, regardless of what hype is out there, is merely Sherwin-Williams Polane-based automotive paint. Therefore, due to the thickness of it’s required application, it is unsuitable for close tolerance parts, but ideal for Optics, plastics and other heat-sensitive components.

CERA-COAT and similar- We’ve tried Ceramic-based coating here. They have the worst handling characteristics and disadvantages of both Moly AND Duracoat. That being both a dynamic mix, AND heat-required for proper curing. We’ve also had problems with the resin drying to the touch, even in 100 degree F ambient shop temperatures. We do not offer it at this time.

 “Teflon”-type coatings. We’ve tried these types too. Teflon is heavy and “settles out” when mixed in solution. It it therefore unsuitable for us, as we cannot always be agitating the container. We’ve also been unhappy with the “green tinge” that the Black colors have, after curing. We do not offer it at this time.

ANODIZING – AZEX anodizes aluminum parts with Mil-spec “hardcoat” anodizing. Prices on request and quoted on a “per job” basis. We can perform this with the Nickle Acetate sealer which make the Anodizing even harder, or without it to act as a clean, dry, consistent substrate for moly or dura coating. AZEX will require, at customer expense, that any aluminum parts (AR15s, for example) be re-anodized to fulfill the Warranty for Parkote services.

HARD CHROME – The best of the best. Hard Chrome is the “last word” on durability and corrosion resistance. Many machine gun owners love Hard Chrome for internals, bolts, carriers, sear trips, indeed any part which is subjected to heat, moisture, repeated battering or camming friction. At AZEX we do not do “bumper chrome” or “bling bling”. We do “all business” flat or satiny Hard Chrome plating. Like Anodizing, prices are quoted “per job” so call with your requirements.