For over 10 years, AZEX has been proud to offer our level of excellence and competent craftsmanship  to one of the most often mis-assembled, yet perennially popular rifle designs in the world. The legendary G3/HK91 rifle.  We are proud to offer HK93 clone builds as well as MP5, MP5K, PDW, G3K, PSG1, types. PLUS we will legally build them into short-barreled rifles and walk you through the NFA process.

We will work on GSG5 types, and the Turkish MKE types also.

For G3, G3K, and 51 models, AZEX prefers to build these rifles on the high-quality PTR91 receiver, available from www.hkparts.net.  HK33 type rifle receivers are currently available from one source, Vector Arms www.vectorarms.com.

Lots of sources and flats have appeared in the last few years for the MP5 type. We do NOT bend flats, but we can put you in touch with those who can do it well. Just call or email us.

The first thing we do is inspect your G3 kit and ensure that all the parts are functional or can be made so. Many of these G3 kits are pretty worn, so this is essential to the build process.

Then we move the receiver stub from the barrel, and remove the cocking tube from the stub. We clean up the cocking tube so that it can be reused, if necessary.

We remove the trunnion, if necessary, and the front sight from the barrel.

We spend considerable time making the G3 trigger pack “ATF happy”, that is to say, we drill and tap, and insert a headless set screw,  to restrict the upward movement of the rear of the trigger, cut a notch in the front of the trigger cage and redrill the hole for the sear spring. Negating the box’s ability to accept the factory sear trip release which makes full auto fire a possibility.

The next operation is to make the lower receiver or “trigger housing” ATF happy, we can accomplish this in two ways. 1. We can mill and cut the trigger housing so that it resembles the standard HK91 “clip on” lower, and

1. weld a shelf inside to fit onto the semi auto receiver. or,

2. we can widen the front area of the trigger housing and install a fake pushpin, so that even though the trigger housing is a clip on, it will appear to have the third pushpin, like the original select-fire rifle.

We also modify the trigger housing symbology at this point. Either by brazing in the “E” and making the transition from “S” to “F” a rather long one, or by installing a pin below the “E” setting and soldering in the “E” to read “F” and soldering in the “F” entirely.

As with the above operation, it’s your choice.

As an additional service, we install the “paddle” magazine release on your receiver. Just like the original select-fire guns. This service costs more but the ease of magazine change is well worth it.

Paddle mag release install is $160

(Price is for install only, parts not included)

We then press the barrel into the receiver and set the “headspace”, actually it’s the gap between the bolt and carrier as measured from the magwell with feeler gauges. We then drill and pin the barrel in place.

Disassembly of the rest of the parts kit follows. As well as sandblasting and refinishing all of the parts.

Here at AZEX we are trying to assemble G3s to resemble original HK weapons.  Therefore, for the assembly price we refinish all the metal in our Parkote(sm) moly over park process except for the internals, sights and other close tolerance parts, which are parkerized only, just like the original HK, who used powder coating on the external assemblies and park only on the sights and small parts where the powder coating would’ve caused function problems due to the thickness of it’s application.

Test-firing is conducted, to “print” your rifle and ensure proper assembly and function.

Build cost. $440.00, including return shipping to the lower 48 states. (The same price for 8 years!)

Customer must provide, G3 parts kit, receiver, and US parts to facilitate legal building of rifle.