AZEX has long been known for our complete FAL builds. We will continue to do these builds for customers who want the finest FALs to be had.

However, quantity and quality of FAL parts kits has declined over the years, and so it will be an unusual thing for us to have complete FALs for sale. If you HAVE to have one, call and perhaps we can acquire a decent kit for you.

Our meticulous owner disassembles each kit, barrels the receivers using a laser to ensure proper barrel alignment and headspaces the rifle using the correct locking shoulder, the heart of the weapon.

Renumbering and Restamping of the various major subcomponents, as well as removing and adjusting the markings on the lower receiver, to ensure that no one will mistake your new rifle for a machine gun, as well as making all the subcomponents match by number.

We then blast the entire inventory of parts and apply a manganese phosphate Parkerizing finish to them. At this point, If the customer wants a “Parked” rifle, we oil and re-assemble the parts into a complete rifle.

If the customer desires a more corrosion resistant finish, we Parkote(sm) the metal parts in a molybdenum disulfide (moly) finish, via spraying with an airbrush or automotive type touch-up spray gun. The phosphate finish that makes up “Parkerizing” if made completely dry, serves as an excellent “sponge” to help bond the coating to the metal. This provides better abrasion and impact resistance than applying the moly coating to bare metal.

Parkote (sm) can be applied in the following colors, Satin Black(HK type color), Dark Gray (Colt type color), Medium Gray (looks like zinc phosphate but far more corrosion resistant), Olive Drab (with black controls), Service Brown (with black controls) and Desert Tan (with black controls). Also available in Woodland Camo , Urban Camo , Desert Camo , or “Custom” camo schemes (sample of desired camo required)

A standard practice when building rifles for resale or providing building services, we stamp “azex” and the month and year of build. This is to ensure that you can tell any future buyer, family member or interested party where and when your rifle was built. Accountability is very important to us.

We also apply a rubber block or self-stick velcro (our choice) case deflector to the area around the ejection port where brass beats up FALs, just to keep things looking nicer, longer.

Customer supplied “builds”…We assemble rifles on Dan Coonan (NoDakSpud), DSA or Imbel receivers ONLY.

However, newer and better recievers are available and we now accept some non-DSA, Imbel, NoDakSpud made recievers.

Please call to verfiy the types of recievers we will accept for build

Complete build in Parkerized finish$330.00

Same in Parkote, ONE color$440.00

Camo Schemes$570.00

Customer MUST supply or provide AZEX with funds to acquire, including shipping, the correct number of US parts to legally build the rifle.

We are experienced at building all types of FAL/stg variant, including R1 (South African), L1A1s, L2A1 (Inch Pattern FALO), Israeli LB, Israeli HB (FALO), German G1 or Belgian variations.