AZEX Warranty

Here at AZEX we stand behind our work. However, a builder’s warranty is only good if the customer takes advantage of it…

To ensure that less scrupulous individuals do not use our commitment to Quality work to take advantage of us, some guidelines have been established

1. If you have a problem with an AZEX built weapon. Notify us as soon as the problem manifests itself. We’ll probably ask the usual round of questions. Please do not wait months or years to bring it up. Waiting months or years to bring it up, or bringing it up on a public Internet forum as a smear will negate your warranty.

2. ANY home gunsmithing, modification, grinding, filing, drilling, hammering etc… negates your warranty.

3. AZEX will not offer, nor reimburse customers, either initial or subsequent buyers of AZEX built weapons, for their shipping TO AZEX for work to be completed. AZEX will, however, pay for return shipping once warranty work is done.

4. If AZEX offers to repair a weapon that we’ve worked on, and advises customer to send it back, and customer does not, but rather sends weapon to ANOTHER smith/builder for his critique or evaluation. Please do not insult us by expecting us to pay for it.

5. Most of our customer have zero problems with anything we work on. However, time and hard-won experience has caused the enumeration of reasonable limits to our honored tradition of backing up all our work.


If you have purchased a complete AZEX weapon from one of our dealers, please contact the dealer you purchased from before shipping the weapon to AZEX. We do not accept warranty work shipped from California. The dealer will instruct you on where to send the weapon.

7. A further note to residents of Kalifornistan. We will not receive firearms FROM California for gunsmithing or refinishing. We will not ship firearms OR PARTS, TO California. Don’t waste our time asking, and don’t whine when you are notified of this policy. AZEX flatly REFUSES to register ourselves with your Kommiefornia Dept. of Injustice, as we already possess a license to engage in Interstate Commerce, as issued by the BATFE. If we desired to be subject to California’s oversight, we would operate there instead of here in Free America.

We will not receive an “assault weapon” (whatever Kali DOJ thinks constitutes an “assault weapon” this week) for transfer to a citizen of AZ-Free America, UNLESS you have properly registered it and INCLUDE a copy of that registration form with the package. If said registration form is not included the weapon shipment will be refused, returned, and you and the buyer will have to work it out. We will not be responsible for Kali subjects disposing of “contraband” which they were to have registered with their oppressive Socialist government years ago.